Why Is Everyone Talking About Valuation?

Whole asset base and want to go and pull out some equity and go and buy a blocker units cash or whatever the case may be that’s going to increase the cash floats it’s it’s important you have the plane because a lot of people go ahead and say I’m going to go buy a house and I’ll go make some money and the hope they’re going to make money their prey they’re going to make money but you know sort of a real investment decision on hoping and praying that things are going to happen you need to take action to you know exactly what you’re going to turn on and yeah so unfortunately I hope and a prayer is probably not going to happen you really need to do your numbers do some so led planning and realize that no matter how.


Beautiful or how attractive or strategy is there’s always pros and cons so you really need to go to go to your advisors check out your plan see what the other alternatives are and see if there’s something better any way we’re going to come back with more tips after the break welcome back to Empire builders today we’re joined by Nathan Birch from we’re finding out: Visit More www.valsqld.com.au

The secrets of how to build a thirty or thirty plus million dollar portfolio by the time you’re or hopefully in the next few years if you’ve already got over so we’ve talked about a few different property investing strategies the pros and the cons let’s talk about your secret like how have you managed to make your money so how do you describe your strategy and my strategy is a buy-and-hold strategy that I have I like buying properties there are three main rules that I have by buying any properties to make sure I buy the property below market bay so I ‘m minimizing risk on the way into the deal and I’ve God good.

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