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The market in Aberdeen has been crying out for developers to commit to providing new space and this particular development will also have an important advantage in the flexibility of its design

• Work on the 25,000 sq. ft. building is scheduled to commence in late Summer with completion in Spring 1999. electronic conveyancing is the process of carrying out the changes in the property’s ownership transfer from one individual to another running as the security joined unit with the entire complex process performed by expert property valuers who are also termed as the settlement heads or settlement agents.

• With raised access floors to facilitate IT ducting, the offices will have high quality internal and external finishes. There will be car parking on site for around 100 cars.

This is one of the last sites in the Park which has been developed progressively since the early 90’s by Robert sons. Other occupiers include Agip, FMC, Burger King, Royal Mail and Mercury.

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It will also be in a prime site in an area on the south side of the city which is already the location of a major concentration of business and industry. The Business Park is also strategically located at a gateway to the city and enjoys ease of access to the road, rail and port network.The development will be completed by February 1999, and will offer a specification in line with current business requirements, and the capacity to accommodate comfort cooling. Roseby’s Curtains & Linens have taken a new double unit at 27-29 Chantry Way, the 184 sq m (1,981 sq ft) shop has been taken on a new 15 year lease at a rent of £50,000 per annum. Roseby’s were represented by Bernard Neville & Co. The high level of letting activity continues in Andover with three more retailers taking a total of 357 sq m (3,843 sq ft) at The Chantry Shopping Centre. In a back to back letting, Thorntons have taken 66 sq m (717 sq ft) unit on a 15 year lease at a rent of £29,000 per annum , the tenant was represented by Daigleish & Co. Racing Dynamics, a new facia developed by Nick & Terry Maher, have opened their first branch at 26 Chantry Way. The 107 sq mt (1,161 sq ft) shop was taken on a new 15 year lease at a rent of £31,500 per annum.